SMEs digitalization with 5G

I am doing my thesis in FindIT. I am researching on the probable benefit of 5G on SMEs.

I believe this hug flow of digitalization growth will be a great threaten for SMEs business if they will be still eager to be on their old habit, since new technology leads to low cost, fast and better quality production. Therefore, customers will choose a product in better quality and lower price.

My research is divided in two parts. In the first part, I am doing a comprehensive research and study about 5G technology and infrastructures, beside the crucial obstacle in SME business.

In the second part, I visit industrial companies in region of Gävleborg and Dalarna to investigate their current communication technology and their future development capacity in case of digitalization.

I already visited 5 different companies. In the meeting I had with their project manager and IT manager , most of them felt the lack of automation system in their production line, but they all were agree on not accessing enough resources and time for investigation where and how to go forward for digitalization.

After deep investigating and survey in SMEs digital requirements, I will publish a paper which is included a brief explanation of 5G technology and in what extend and what situation can be beneficiary in small and mid-sized companies.

/Arefeh Azadehnia

Arefeh Azadehnia
Master student in Electronics and Automation
University of Gävle
070 - 017 03 44